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Answer the following questionnaire by choosing the correct answer from the list

1) What does Data Pathway do in the IT world?

2) LAN stands for?

3) Which of the following is not a web browser?

4) Which one of the following is not a way to connect to the internet?

5) Which of the following is not a Linux-type operating system?

6) The term www stands for?

7) Rate your own customer service experience?

8) What software has Data Pathway developed to manage Dial up and ADSL connections to the internet to reduce support calls?

9) Which award has Data Pathway been presented with in the last 2 years?

10) How do you prefer to work?

11) When you work you are most comfortable with �

12) In your work environment do you prefer?

13) If you don�t know how to fix a problem, do you prefer to

14) In your work do you prefer �

15) If you receive a call for another department and the employee that is responsible for that department is unavailable what would you do?

16) Rate yourself from one to ten on your work ethic with ten being best

17) Choose one of Data Pathways BISPs from the list

18) If you receive an irate caller how would you handle it?

19) What does the term DNS in internet terms mean?

21) What is the difference between a POP and SMTP server?

22) What is an IP address?

23) What is a gateway?

24) If you have an ADSL router on a network and you don't know its IP address how would you find it?

25) What are Mail Exchanger or MX records?

26) What are proxy servers or cache servers and why would we use them?

27) In ADSL what is the NAS port and NAS IP address?

28) What is the difference between bridge mode and router mode on an ADSL router?

29) What does a "self install" mean?

30) What is a POTS filter and where is it used?

31) What information do you need to set up an ADSL account?

32) What is ADSL user verification and when is it done?

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